It has always been my hope to write a book talking about situations that we face everyday.  My dad was the one who suggested the idea all the time.  Especially now is the “golden” period of my life, I thought that it indeed would be very interesting to record down my feelings and look back in 5 or 10 years.

I, like you and many others, ask questions about life – all the time.  How do I feel?  Why do I feel this way?  What do I really want the results to be in this situation?  Are my feelings overtaking me?  And how should I really look at it and how should I approach to this problem?  Am I doing the right thing?  Is there a better way?
I watch people so I may learn from them.  In the end, this is what I observed… Everyone knows that life is short, but then different people decide to live their lives very differently.  Of course everyone would like to enjoy life, but their definitions of joy could be completely opposite.  While some people rather have simple and long-lasting relationships in life, some like the excitement of up-and-downs.  There are also people who like to play games and date 7 girls a time.  Some are determined to get what they want, but do not care if it builds on the costs of others.  And still there are probably millions of people thinking that it’s too much talking about the meanings of life, and so they just live 1 day after another and then “figure things out along the way."

People make other decisions in life as well, and it is very interesting sometimes.
 Usually, a person knows that whether what he/she is doing is not right, but still decides to go with his/her own desires.  Yet, it seems like many others are totally unaware of their wrong-doings because they don’t know what their desire has secretly led them to do.

But I always try to ask myself: When you are about to pass away, what would you like to see, who would you like to become, and what would you like your closed ones to remember about you?

If there is one thing I would hate about myself, it would be if I live a meaningless life.  I am a human being capable of high intelligence, and therefore it would be a shame if I drown in physical attractions and competition with people for wealth, power, or romantic relationships.  Life is greater than those (and deep down we all know it) – only doing what is right to do (and maybe have faith in God too) gives us the true happiness.  That should give us enough reason to behave intelligently in life.  Plus if you do good deeds, you know you will always be the number 1 beneficiary!

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