看過 Ramsey Clark 當天晚宴上的發言,我覺得當場翻譯翻得不精準,很多文字上的重點和情感都不見了 - lost in translation!


“Every visit I’ve had to Taiwan has been a joy because of its beautiful people and such a beautiful island, though I recognize and feel how hard the road has been.  And um since I first set foot on China and saw it in 1948 and the long great struggle of people here, it made me sad to realize um how difficult for all of us the struggle remains, and how dangerous the moment and the future is, and how current events have made this part of the world, in which Taiwan is so prominent, so dangerous for peace on Earth at this time.  We see the struggle in southeast Asia and the conflict between 2 great powers - my own country the US and the PRC - both of which has the capacity to arms nuclear weapons to destroy life on Earth. ...

“And this makes me terribly concerned about the persecution of President Chen.  The world is too dangerous a place to permit abuses of government power of the nature that endangers his health if not his life.  And everyone knows that it does not have to be.  The right to health is a fundamental human right from infancy to old age like me.  And to deprive a person, who served his people by elections for 8 years, of that fundamental human right is a very dangerous thing to do, and not tolerable. ...The power is in the people.  The question is whether they have the will and genius to exercise it.  Democracy aside, and the power in the people is the power unifying stand up and watch what the poor government would do.  We’re in a time of moral crisis and the power of the people need to be exercised to see right is done.  And that would mean immediate and clear and public provision of the best possible medical care for a President whose punishment has places his life in danger.  In a way it is a small thing to ask, isn’t it?

“But attention has to be paid because I met with him and it was a great honor and a great sorrow.  For some time I’m not a clock-watcher, you can tell by me being late tonight, but I met with him for an hour I think.  He’s a young man.  He’s been a strong man... He’s obviously weak, weak!  I found his mind clear and purposeful, his expressions clear and understandable.  And um he’s kept under conditions that will further undermine his health and destroy his life if action isn’t taken.  And that’s nothing to play games with.  It’s dangerous time when the actors come from the very central parts of the potential clash of the superpowers.  There ought to be immediate, clear, and unquestionable provisions of access to the best medical attention available, and to an environment that is bigger than 6 ft. square, or 2 meter square, where he can breath free and see something decent in life and rebuild his health.  And it should be done immediately.  A dangerous game’s been played too long and too far.  This man’s condition is still sleeping on the floor, eating on the floor, living on the floor.  Why?  Action now to ensure his health.  And beyond that, truth and justice are worth something.  And the question of the nature of the charges against him because of the very history he’s exposed to lack of factual foundation for them has to be addressed.  And I hope um the people of Taiwan, because this happens to be where the problem is, will stand up and demand that this issue be addressed publicly, immediately and fairly, the President’s health will be restored, and that justice will be done, and no games with criminal charges will hold up.

“You have to forgive me if I get emotional about human rights but I can’t help it.  This is no time and no place to be playing games with fundamental human rights.  I hope nations around the world and call on nations around the world to pay attention to this crisis here in Taiwan because it involves us all if it goes too far, and UN has to do its duty, and International Commission of Human Rights in Geneva must address this problem immediately.  Not only because the rights of every individual is precious but because the future of all of us are implicated in this particular darned situation in Taiwan.”

Video: http://youtu.be/JrAHtBSTLmo (Transcript by Shining Chen)

「每次來台灣的旅行都是個喜悅因為台灣人很美麗,島嶼也很美麗,然而我看到也感覺到這條路一直到現在走得很艱辛。自從我1948年第一次到中國,看到〔當時的情況〕,看到這裡的人民長久以來的掙扎奮戰,我今天感到難過的是我意識到這場掙扎奮戰至今仍然艱辛、現狀和未來是多麼危險、台灣所在的這個地區的時事發展正威脅著地球和平。我們看到東南亞的掙扎和兩大強權 - 我的國家美國和中國 - 的利益衝突。兩邊都擁有可以毀滅地球生命的核武。...(接下來講兩大強國的核武)

「這使我對於對陳總統的迫害非常擔心憂慮。若是允許危害他(陳水扁)健康甚至生命這類的政府權力的濫用,那這個世界就真是太危險了。而且每個人都知道事情不需要變得這個樣子(指陳水扁現在的處境)。健康的權利是基本人權,從嬰兒到我這樣的老人〔都應該享有〕。去剝奪一個民選出來服務人民八年的人的這項權利是非常危險的舉動,而且〔這樣的事情〕不應該被容忍。... 最終的權力在人民手中。問題(事情關鍵)在于人民是否有決心、拿出執行力來執行權益。民主制度擺一邊不討論的話,人民的力量在於同心協力站起來看這個可憐的政府還能怎麼應付人民。我們生活在一個有道德危機的時代,所以需要拿出人民的力量才能看見公平正義的執行。這(公平正義的執行)所指的是立即、清楚、公開地提供現有最好的醫療照顧給一位處罰到已經將他的生命處於危險中的總統。從某個角度來看,這不過是一個很卑微的請求,不是嗎?」

「我們必須關注這件事,因為我見了他(陳水扁),這是個很高的榮幸同時也是個很深的悲哀。我已經很久不怎麼看手錶(注意時間)了,從我今晚又遲到你就知道了,但是我跟他見了1個小時的面左右。他是個年輕人。他〔自從事情發生以來〕很堅強... 他很明顯身體很虛弱,很虛弱!我觀察他的頭腦很清楚、有〔人生〕使命,他的言語表達很清楚明瞭。但是他所處的環境和條件若不立即改善,將會持續危害他的健康、傷及他的生命。這不是鬧著玩的遊戲。這是個很危險的時刻,因為事關兩大世界強權可能爆發衝突的中心點。現在應該提供立即、清楚、沒有爭議的最佳醫療照顧,移到一個大於6平方英尺或2平方公尺的地方使他可以自由呼吸、看得到人世間一些像樣的事物、重建他的健康。這些應該馬上處理!〔扁案〕這樣一個危險的遊戲已經玩太久、玩太過火了。此人(陳水扁)目前還是只在地板上睡覺、進食、過活。為了什麼?現在就動起來來保障他的健康。做到這點以後,真相和正義才有意義。同時對他的指控缺乏事實基礎這個問題必須被有解決方案。我希望台灣人民 - 因為這件事發生在台灣 - 能夠站起來要求這件事獲得公開、立即、公正的處理,要求(陳)總統的健康恢復,要求正義的執行,要求刑事指控的遊戲不會延宕〔這件事的處理〕。」


Video: http://youtu.be/JrAHtBSTLmo (談話內容和翻譯: 陳欣吟)


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