Are you in a cram school for English?  Why do you need to improve your English in such a short period of time, and what for?

A better test score?

A better school?

Or a better job?


No matter what your short-term goals are, keep in mind that effective communication is the most important skill for English-speakers at workplace and during social interactions today.

So what is effective communication?  Or, what makes you say, "Um.. this person speaks good English" or "He/She is a good writer"?  Let's examine some of the common myths:

     * big vocabulary?

 "The magician tried to beguile the audience with his magic tricks."

 We call this "showing off" and no one wants to talk to or listen to a person who thinks he/she knows more than others do.


     * fancy, complicated sentence structures?

"It all seems rather silly now, how she took every little thing he ever said and did—every tiny bit of attention he ever paid her—and molded it into a great unspoken love, a bright splendid future filled with road trips and hotel rooms and dinner parties and kids and a sprawling garden and a pet pug and maybe even a bunny."


Send me your name if you cared enough to finish reading this sentence above!


In the last decades, the English speakers have been asking themselves:  Is there something more important than to get a message across fast, clear, and easy to understand?

Their answer is "NO."  So they began to study how to do that and opened courses such as "Technical Writing" in schools.

As a foreign speaker of English, there is 1 more thing to keep in mind:

     * Ask questions if you don't quite understand.

English speakers and most Westerns would rather answer your questions right away.  If they find out later that your are pretending because you don't want to "lose face," you will most likely lose their trust forever.

For more tips on English communication, please find my document "Effective Communication in a Global Workplace."


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